skinny miniature whores

November 17, 2003 - skinny miniature whores

I had an interesting ride home. I left work at about 12:15am and got a flat tire on Gulshan Avenue, coasting into the taxi rank at DIT-2 on my rims. A taxi driver agreed to take me and my bicycle to Baridhara for tk.100 so we jammed it through the back seat, having to leave the driver-side back door wide open. There was little traffic at that hour. Across the bridge at the foot of UN Road a bunch of cops had set up a barrier and were inspecting vehicles, looking for arms I expect. They weren't impressed with the back door situation and waved us to the side of the road. We shoved the bike through the hatchback, a more elegant solution, and headed up Park Road into Baridhara. At about Road 5 the driver got confused and stopped to ask a chaukidar where Road 6 is. A bevy of skinny miniature whores spotted me and swarmed the car, making salacious suggestions (I suppose), reaching in through the window poking and plucking at me. Rolling up the window I said go, Go, GO to the idiot driver who seemed to have forgotten his mission to get me and my bike home, gawking at me as though encouraging me to invite them all to come with us. One indeed had insinuated herself underneath the rear of the bicycle in the back seat, simpering hopefully. I bellowed at her to get the fuck out but she didn't so much as blink. Now that I'd clearly indicated I wasn't a business proposition they began representing themselves as charity cases, hissing "bakshish! bakshish!" in threatening tones. A chaukidar manhandled the stowaway out and we sped away. This was an eye-opener for me because all of my encounters with Bengali women have been much more genteel.