China, ... well, Beijing - July 21-30, 2005

Tiananmen Square from the Meridian Gate at the south end of the Forbidden City

Lion leers lustfully at Pepa outside the Gate of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City

the other lion

typical detail of a Forbidden City building

somewhere in the Forbidden City

fire control equipment, Forbidden City

come right in, welcome to my modest abode

marble ramp carving of sea, mountains, clouds and dragons, death to touch during the Ming dynasty

incense burner

minor (7th) rank building in the Forbidden City

tourist lunch in the Forbidden City

somewhere in the Forbidden City

somewhere else, close by

front gate of Hau Yuan

our room at the Hau Yuan hotel

Tiananmen Square

the Forbidden City from Jingchan

Ne ha, Chairman Sid

another lion, in the Lama Temple

the Great Wall, west of Simatai

Summer Palace view

the Great Wall at Badaling



silk burner near one of the Ming tombs

the Dowager Empress Pepa

a night at the opera

houton near the Drum Tower

Tiananmen Square and the Meridian Gate

below Jingshan

in the Lama Temple

east of Simatai on the Great Wall

Simatai, looking west on the Great Wall

west of Simatai

the Great Wall between Simatai and Jinshanlin

looking east on the Great Wall near Simatai

looking east on the Great Wall near Simatai