Cecilia's visit - April 2 - 16, 2006

loading jute on the Sitakakhia River

two buddies in a weaving sweatshop

cruising the Sitakakhia River

at the Zamindar's mansion

the Zamindar's mansion

baby sitting

Kolkata aitport

The Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Victoria Memorial, Kalkuta

taxi ride, Kolkata

Kolkata rickshaw

Kolkata rickshaw

street meal, Kolkata

dawn on Kachenjunga

tea garden, Darjeeling

Darjeeling shoppers


If called by a panther, don't anther. (Darjeeling zoo)

On the right side of the tracks in Darjeeling

click here to hear the whistle: diesel, steam

back in the Windamere after a walk

los locos en Darjeeling

more tea

even more tea

tea pickers